The perfect blend of flavor and sophistication! Our Distilled Dry Gins are handcrafted in Berlin and consist of unique blends of our top distillates. Six distilled gins, yet six completely different taste experiences where you taste what’s on the bottle. From Power Berry with the concentrated sweet and berry power of a perfect blend of our berry distillates, to Zesty Citrus with the harmonious and refreshing notes of seven citrus fruits, to Waldluft, which combines eight of our distillates from forest and field finely tuned to each other, there is something for everyone. As always, our promise that all of our products are made without the addition of industrial flavors, dyes and sugar also applies to our Distilled Dry Gins. Let yourself be surprised by the variety of pure taste and enjoy our Distilled Dry Gins neat on ice or with a simple tonic.

This Distilled Dry Gin is characterized by fresh notes of very different origins. We associate freshness, for example, with minty notes, as they prevail in our distillates of Moroccan mint, chocolate mint and also in the South African herb “buchu”. Our eucalyptus distillate conveys its freshness through cold receptors in the nose and cucumber distillate contributes further nuances of freshness. This Distilled Dry Gin unfolds its full range of freshness best enjoyed with tonic.

From our enormous selection of 16 citrus distillates, we have chosen seven for our citrus-accented gin. The enormous differences in taste of the individual citrus distillates unite in this Distilled Dry Gin with the juniper to a true symphony of flavors from tangy to orange-fruity with subtle resinous notes of juniper. Makes you want to enjoy pure and as a gin and tonic.

A gin with the full power of fresh local berries. Each fruit is manually processed and distilled in our manufactory. We have combined the individual distillates to create a wonderful berry gin. With a simple tonic or on ice, the berry harvest and the taste of summer quickly comes into the glass!

We have combined the aromas of our distillates from forest and field in this very special Distilled Dry Gin to a unique potpourri. Resinous notes of juniper and spruce are surrounded by earthy notes of mushrooms and fallen leaves and herbaceous-fresh notes of hay and grass. Served with a light tonic, this Distilled Dry Gin reveals all its depth and richness of aromas and flavors vying with each other for attention.

This distillate combination is just brilliant! A gin like a visit to the Orient, which is mainly due to the combination of coffee with an accent of cardamom. The nutty and chocolaty flavors complement this Distilled Dry Gin, making it even more sophisticated and complex. Enjoyed neat or with a mild tonic and one night becomes one thousand and one.

We have processed seven flowers individually and “preserved” their delicate aromas in distillates. Now we have combined them finely tuned with our juniper distillate to a very special Distilled Dry Gin. Its floral bouquet opens up especially when combined with a mild tonic and transports you into an olfactory and gustatory sea of blossoms.

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